Home Fertility Tests-what do they test ?

The most commonly used home fertility tests are the home male fertility test and the female FSH test

Both of these test have now been available for several years oin the UK and are proving reliable and helpful.

As a general guideline most GP’s will not refer a couple for further investigations until the couple have been trying to conceive without success for at least 12 months if the women is under 35 years of age, and 6 months if she is over 35 years of age.

This time can seem an eternity to the couple and so many like to do home fertility tests. If the test picks up a fertility problem in either partner it can help speed up the diagnosis and referrral for the couple. If the tests are normal it can help to allay fears and worries and reduce stress.

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Click here for more information on home male fertility tests

Click here for more information on female FSH fertility tests

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Using the wrong lubricant can reduce your chances of conceiving

Did you know your choice of lubricant while trying to conceive may be affecting your chances ?

Most couples are completely unaware of the negative affect that many popular lubricants can have on sperm, by creating a barrier that interferes with conception and in some cases is actually toxic to sperm.

You may be embarking on investigations for fertility, when simply changing to using a fertility lubricant could make all the difference.

Last month a new fertility friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive was launched in the UK. The new fertility lubricant is called Conceive Plus.

Great News: We now have in the UK a choice of 3 fertility friendly lubricants:  Zestica Fertility, Pre-Seed, and now Conceive Plus

Click here to find out more about fertility lubricator to buy a fertility lubricant online in UK

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Can when you eat affect your weight?

There has been a lot of talk this week in the press, about a new study, that suggests that when you eat your calories, is of more significance than was previously thought.

It seems, it may not be a simple matter of calories in versus calories out, as we had previosly thought.

Research at the Northwestern University of Illinois on mice found that if the mice where fed at unusual times they put on far more weight than mice fed at the usual times even though the different groups of mice where fed the same amount of calories and exercised similarly.

This research may go some way to explaining, why there is a higher incidence of obesity amongst shift workers. Although other factors may account for this to.

The study was published in the Journal Obesity.

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Guest Blog Spot

Would you like to blog as a guest on our home medical blog ?

Are you working in a field of medicine or in complementary medicine, and would like to share your knowledge and wisdom with our readers ? Would you like to blog as a guest on our home medical blog ?

If the answer is yes please e-mail us or post in comments and we will e-mail you.

Any e-mail address or personal info you leave in comments is kept private

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Advantages of home blood pressure monitoring

Here are 10 advanatges :

  1. Eliminates ‘white coat hypertension’ (this is the effect where the mere sight of a doctor sends some peoples blood pressure sky high!)
  2. You can do it quickly and easily at home, with modern digital blood pressure monitors
  3. Saves time & money having to visit the doctor for BP checks
  4. You can keep a diary of your blood pressure measurements at home, to show to your doctor next time you visit him
  5.  May help to increase the diagnosis of hypertension
  6.  Demystifies the process of blood pressure
  7. Allows you to feel in control of managing your health
  8. Saves the NHS time and money
  9. Allows you to monitor how you are responding to dietary changes or medication.
  10. Reduces the stress of having to attend your GP, as visits may be required less frequently

Click here to see our full range of blood pressure monitors

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension by your doctor or GP make sure you talk to your GP about monitoring your blood pressure at home. You should always follow the advise of your GP as they know your individual medical condition.

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Weight ‘fuels preventable cancer’ BBC news 11/5/09

Almost 19,000 people a year in the UK are diagnosed with cancer that could have been prevented if they were a healthy weight, an expert says.

Professor Martin Wiseman said if everyone had a body mass index (BMI) under 25 it would make a big dent in the incidence of cancer.

Cancers of the breast, bowel, kidney, pancreas, oesophagus and womb lining are among those linked to obesity.

Professor Wiseman is an adviser for the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

Read full story here


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UK young lack awareness on HIV

From BBC online 7/5/09

Too many young people are unaware of the risks of HIV, Unicef has warned.

Those aged 16 to 24 account for 10% of all new diagnoses in the UK and young men who have sex with men are most at risk, a report said.

More strategies to encourage young people to practise safe sex and have better access to sexual health clinics are needed, it concluded.

The UK has the highest number of new HIV infections in Western Europe – more than 7,700 in 2007.

Read the full story here


Home test kits for HIV are not available in the UK but we do have a range of home test kits available for other health screening

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Sunbed use ‘to rise’ in recession

Just read this  at BBC online

A fifth of regular sunbed users are planning to increase usage because they cannot afford a holiday abroad owing to the recession, a survey suggests.

The poll for Cancer Research UK found 34% of more than 2,000 people were less likely to travel somewhere sunny.

The charity warned that using a sunbed once a month or more could increase skin cancer risk by more than half, and recommended applying fake tan.

Read the full story here


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Tescos giving away free home cholesterol test

Last week I opened my post from Tesco clubcard to find they had sent me a free visial cholesterol test

It seems it is a promotion between Tesco and Flora pro-active to encourage us to lower our cholesterol.

I have not done the test yet-keep forgetting to fast ! Well it was the bank holiday weekend.

I will do it this week and let you know how I get on.

If you have not received a free visual cholesterol test from Tescos or you want to buy some for the rest of the family,

see link below

More info on home cholesterol test kits or to buy home cholesterol tests or monitors in UK 

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Free Health Checks for over 40’s in England

Free NHS health checks for everyone over between the age of 40-74 years are to be implemented from tomorrow

The new NHS proposals drafted last year are to come into force from 1/4/09

The health MOT will screen over 40’s  for risk factors for cardiovascular disease & stroke such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes , raised cholesterol, smoking & physical inactivity

The health screening will be carried by GP’s and practice nurses.

It is hoped the new screening programme will reduce deaths from diseases such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and kidney disease.

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