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Ovulation Tests

Ovulation tests have come a long way in the last 10 years. They are now very widely available, and more affordable now than they have ever been.

Probably the most popular format available to buy online is the ovulation test strips which are very cheap to buy, as their is very little packaging. The strips are usually individually foil wrapped with a long expiry date. They are also available in vials of professional ovulation tests strips as shown in the picture above for clinics or frequent testers. BlosumCBD They are also much cheaper to post out than the traditional mid stream format which is very bulky, and incurs higher postal charges.

If you go to a supermarket or chemist to purchase your ovulation tests you are more likely to be offered the midstream ovulation tests as this is the traditional format that the high street is familiar with, although some are now starting to stock the cheaper strip versions.

Ovulation tests strips have been available to buy online in the UK now for over 10 years and have generally proved very reliable and accurate to use. To perform a test with an ovulation test strip you need to collect a urine sample in a clean container (it does not need to be sterile ) and then you simply dip the strip into the urine sample for the required time and read the result within a couple of minutes. you then need to look at the result and compare with the instruction chart to determine whether the result is positive. This is very easy once you get the hang of it.

Ovulation tests are available in several different sensitivities. The most popular is 40mIU sensitivity which is the agreed international cut off level for ovulation detection. Recently more sensitive 20mIU or ultra ovulation test strips have emerged on to the UK market, and these are suitable for you to use if standard sensitivity ovulation tests do not detect your LH surge.

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Home drug testing kits

drug testing kits

Home drug testing kits

There are now an extensive range of home drug testing kits available over the internet, and sometimes which drug test kit you should choose, can seem quite a daunting choice.

Access Diagnostic Tests & UK Drug Testing are the UK’s leading online supplier of home drug testing kits for urine and saliva.

They have been selling home drug test kits for well over 15 years,  and during that time have built up a great deal of experience and knowledge.

Common questions regarding home drug testing kits:

  • How accurate are the home drug tests ? Answer-The average accuracy of home drug test kits is around 97%
  • Which type of drug test should I choose for home drug testing-urine or saliva ? Answer-We would advise you to choose a urine drug test as this will give you a longer window of detection for most drugs of abuse.
  • How long does it take to perform the drug test ? Answer-the drug test is very quick & takes just a few minutes to perform.
  • Will I have to send the drug test away to a lab ? Answer-no the drug test results are available immediately within about 5-10 minutes.
  • Are home drug testing kits expensive, how much should I pay for a test kit ? Answer-drug testing kits are relatively inexpensive costing between about £2-£12 depending on which drugs you are testing for and whether you are using a saliva or urine drug test kit.
  • Do I need any special equipment to perform a home drug test ? Answer-no all the equipment is supplied with the test kit. All you will need to provide is a clean container for your urine sample to be collected in.
  • Does the urine container need to be sterile ? Answer-no as long as the container is cleaned and has been well rinsed it should be fine.

Visit UK Drug Testing for more information or to buy drug testing kits online in UK

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New home cholesterol test monitor available in UK

Cholesterol test kit monitor UK

Cholesterol monitor UK

This year we have some great new digital home cholesterol monitors available which allow you to test your cholesterol regularly at home.

The cholesterol meter is very easy to use and is suitable for either home use or for use in a clinic or GP surgery for cholesterol screening.

They are accurate & reliable.

Individual test strips for each test type and low cost replacement test strips.

The Cholesterol meters are all CE certified for European clinical and self testing use.

Click here for more information or to buy a home cholesterol test monitor in UK

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Viola Chlamydia Home Test Launched

A new home testing kit to screen for Chlamydia in women has just launched in the UK. The Viola Chlamydia Health Care Test by Care Diagnostica is a simple, reliable & fast way for women to screen themselves for Chlamydia infection in the comfort of their own homes.

The test result is available within 20 minutes and you do not need to send the sample away to a laboratory.

The Viola chlamydia test is a swab test and is only suitable for use in women.

The Viola test is not suitable for use by pregnant women

Chlamydia is a leading cause on infertility in women

Visit Valuemed find out more about home test kits 

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Cutting down for christmas-act now

Like many others I usually gain some weight over christmas & new year holidays-usually about 7-10 lbs. It can then take me many months to lose the christmas weight !

What can we do to prepare for this and try and keep the gain to a minimum ? Well its about 4 weeks until Christmas so it is worth starting some good habits now in preparation

Here are some quick tips :

  1. Leave buying the christmas chocolates until as late as possible. Every year I buy chocolate & biscuits as gifts in November & early December, then I have to buy them again as I have eaten them-lol
  2. Make sure you have your 5 portions of different fruit & veg a day. This will help you feel fuller & makes sure you get plenty of vitamins
  3. Eat before you go to parties-this will help you to resist snacking on the crisps & snacks
  4. Volunteer to drive on a night out-this will mean you can not drink alcohol and you are more likely to stick to healthy options (alcohol definitely weakens ones resistance to temptation)
  5. If you are already overweight consider joining a slimming class before Christmas. Many people leave it until the new year which means they overindulge at christmas & have far more weight to lose than if they had joined pre-christmas. The queues to join at slimming classes are huge in the new year-new years resolutions-why wait until the new year ?
  6. Avoid shopping for food when you are hungry. The supermarkets are crammed full of chocolates, crisps, snacks & bumper sizes tins of biscuits & sweeets at this time of year and are very difficult to resist when you are hungry.
  7. Keep the amount of chocolate you buy for family to a minimum so that you wont be tempted to eat their’s.
  8. When at a party or a night out choose long drinks with mixers in tall glasses with plenty of ice-eg gin and slimline tonic, vodka & tonic, white wine & soda, bacardi & diet coke. There are fewer calories in these drinks, and the drink will last longer so you will be less likely over consume
  9. Be aware of evening snacking-the long winter night can mean we spend too long in front of the tv & the temptation to snack in the ads can be huge. Think of little jobs you can do in the ads, or if you must snack put a bowl of fruit in your tv room to snack on so at least your snacking is healthy.
  10. Get active-when ever you can get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine-wrap up warm and go for a walk. Walking is great exercise and costs nothing to do. All you need is a pair of comfortable sturdy & ideally waterproof shoes & away you go.
  11. Consider taking up a new hobby in the evenings that gets you out of the house at least once a week
  12. Try some new recipes-winter is a great time to get out your slow cooker & russle up a casserole or a heart warming soup

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The Clamelle Home Chlamydia Test

The Clamelle home chlamydia screening test is a very useful addition to the home health testing armoury. The Clamelle kit contains everything required to screen for Chlamydia discretely at home

It enables you to screen yourself for Chlamydia using a simple urine test. It has proved highly accurate in clinical trials and is proving very popular.

The test involves taking a urine sample at home, and sending it off to the laboratory for testing. The results are then posted back to you by the lab in less than 7 days.

Currently this service is only offered to UK residents.

The results of the test are completely confidential.

Many cases of Chlamydia are completely asymptomatic, and so this home testing kit allows individuals to screen themselves.

Click here to buy Home Screening Test Kits

Click here to visit manufacturers website for more info

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