Home drug testing kits

drug testing kits

Home drug testing kits

There are now an extensive range of home drug testing kits available over the internet, and sometimes which drug test kit you should choose, can seem quite a daunting choice.

Access Diagnostic Tests & UK Drug Testing are the UK’s leading online supplier of home drug testing kits for urine and saliva.

They have been selling home drug test kits for well over 15 years,  and during that time have built up a great deal of experience and knowledge.

Common questions regarding home drug testing kits:

  • How accurate are the home drug tests ? Answer-The average accuracy of home drug test kits is around 97%
  • Which type of drug test should I choose for home drug testing-urine or saliva ? Answer-We would advise you to choose a urine drug test as this will give you a longer window of detection for most drugs of abuse.
  • How long does it take to perform the drug test ? Answer-the drug test is very quick & takes just a few minutes to perform.
  • Will I have to send the drug test away to a lab ? Answer-no the drug test results are available immediately within about 5-10 minutes.
  • Are home drug testing kits expensive, how much should I pay for a test kit ? Answer-drug testing kits are relatively inexpensive costing between about £2-£12 depending on which drugs you are testing for and whether you are using a saliva or urine drug test kit.
  • Do I need any special equipment to perform a home drug test ? Answer-no all the equipment is supplied with the test kit. All you will need to provide is a clean container for your urine sample to be collected in.
  • Does the urine container need to be sterile ? Answer-no as long as the container is cleaned and has been well rinsed it should be fine.

Visit UK Drug Testing for more information or to buy drug testing kits online in UK

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