The Clamelle Home Chlamydia Test

The Clamelle home chlamydia screening test is a very useful addition to the home health testing armoury. The Clamelle kit contains everything required to screen for Chlamydia discretely at home

It enables you to screen yourself for Chlamydia using a simple urine test. It has proved highly accurate in clinical trials and is proving very popular.

The test involves taking a urine sample at home, and sending it off to the laboratory for testing. The results are then posted back to you by the lab in less than 7 days.

Currently this service is only offered to UK residents.

The results of the test are completely confidential.

Many cases of Chlamydia are completely asymptomatic, and so this home testing kit allows individuals to screen themselves.

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Home Fertility Tests-what do they test ?

The most commonly used home fertility tests are the home male fertility test and the female FSH test

Both of these test have now been available for several years oin the UK and are proving reliable and helpful.

As a general guideline most GP’s will not refer a couple for further investigations until the couple have been trying to conceive without success for at least 12 months if the women is under 35 years of age, and 6 months if she is over 35 years of age.

This time can seem an eternity to the couple and so many like to do home fertility tests. If the test picks up a fertility problem in either partner it can help speed up the diagnosis and referrral for the couple. If the tests are normal it can help to allay fears and worries and reduce stress.

Click here to visit Access Diagnostics Fertility Test Website

Click here for more information on home male fertility tests

Click here for more information on female FSH fertility tests

For more information about fertility related issues visit our UK fertility blog

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