Using the wrong lubricant can reduce your chances of conceiving

Did you know your choice of lubricant while trying to conceive may be affecting your chances ?

Most couples are completely unaware of the negative affect that many popular lubricants can have on sperm, by creating a barrier that interferes with conception and in some cases is actually toxic to sperm.

You may be embarking on investigations for fertility, when simply changing to using a fertility lubricant could make all the difference.

Last month a new fertility friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive was launched in the UK. The new fertility lubricant is called Conceive Plus.

Great News: We now have in the UK a choice of 3 fertility friendly lubricants:  Zestica Fertility, Pre-Seed, and now Conceive Plus

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Can when you eat affect your weight?

There has been a lot of talk this week in the press, about a new study, that suggests that when you eat your calories, is of more significance than was previously thought.

It seems, it may not be a simple matter of calories in versus calories out, as we had previosly thought.

Research at the Northwestern University of Illinois on mice found that if the mice where fed at unusual times they put on far more weight than mice fed at the usual times even though the different groups of mice where fed the same amount of calories and exercised similarly.

This research may go some way to explaining, why there is a higher incidence of obesity amongst shift workers. Although other factors may account for this to.

The study was published in the Journal Obesity.

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