Advantages of home blood pressure monitoring

Here are 10 advanatges :

  1. Eliminates ‘white coat hypertension’ (this is the effect where the mere sight of a doctor sends some peoples blood pressure sky high!)
  2. You can do it quickly and easily at home, with modern digital blood pressure monitors
  3. Saves time & money having to visit the doctor for BP checks
  4. You can keep a diary of your blood pressure measurements at home, to show to your doctor next time you visit him
  5.  May help to increase the diagnosis of hypertension
  6.  Demystifies the process of blood pressure
  7. Allows you to feel in control of managing your health
  8. Saves the NHS time and money
  9. Allows you to monitor how you are responding to dietary changes or medication.
  10. Reduces the stress of having to attend your GP, as visits may be required less frequently

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If you have been diagnosed with hypertension by your doctor or GP make sure you talk to your GP about monitoring your blood pressure at home. You should always follow the advise of your GP as they know your individual medical condition.

Using both of these applications, will allow you to be certain the information contained within the workbook is going to be edited and formatted properly for your specific function.

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