Home fertility tests-whats available & are they any good ?

With many couples leaving it later in life to start a family, more couples are finding that they are resotrting to using home fertility tests to check if everything is working as it should be.

Fertility in women declines quite rapidly after the age of 35 years and so conceiving can take longer at this age. The quality of the womens eggs declines with age, and this can be a cause of considerable stress to the couple.

For an average couple in whom everything is ok, and the women is under 35 years of age there is about a 1 in 4 chance of conceiving each month if they are having sex at the right time, and not doing anything that might impede their fertility (eg using a sperm hostile lubricant)

This means that for most healthy young couples it takes around 4 months for conception to occur.

I have had 3 pregnancies under the age of 35 and am fit and healthy. The first one took 4 months for me to conceive (and that 4 months seemed a long time-after the third month of trying I persuaded my SO to have a male fertility test to reassure me -thankfully it was normal-phew) The second pregnancy took 3 months to conceive and third pregnancy I got pregnant the first month of trying (surprised myself)

If you are a healthy couple and the women is under 35 years of age most family doctors (GP’s) will wait at least 12 months before referring a couple for fertility tests. This is quite a long time to wait and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for the couple but it is current practice in the UK.  If you have a sympathetic GP as I did they may arrange to do a sperm count for you well before this 12 months (I was very anxious and home male fertility tests were not available to buy when I was pregnant with my first child)

If the women is close to 35 years of age or over 35 years of age-the threshold for referral is much lower, and most GP’s will probably refer after the couple have been trying for 6 months without success-maybe less in some cases.

Now home fertility tests have enabled couples to test themselves at home if they are worried, and if they pick up a problem they can be referred for investigations and help at a much earlier stage.

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