Home tests for Chlamydia

A new home test kit screening for chlamydia has been launched in the UK. Branded Clamelle home chlamydia test, the new pack offers all the convenience of a home urine sample collection with highly accurate laboratory sample processing.

Clamelle uses urine samples to screen for chlamydia, so there is no need for difficult swabs, and the test is suitable for men and women.

The urine samples are posted to a UK lab in the containers and posting pack provided. The sender fills in a simple form with their details and the results are posted back, directly within 7 days.

The Clamelle chlamydia test packs offer private chlamydia screening for people worried that they may have exposed themselves to chlamydia. Chlamelle is not recommended for people with symptoms or discharge (who should always seek medical investigation and treatment)

Chamelle chlamydia screening is very accurate when compared to clinic screening and is available for under £20 per test

More details on the home test kits including Chlamydia  

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