Cholesterol tests at home

Raised cholesterol is still one of the major contributors to early onset coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke and premature death or disability in western middle aged men (and women). Healthy diet and exercise health advice is only making its mark in certain demographic elements of the population, with the general rates of the above diseases increasing still.

Simple self cholesterol screening to do at home is now available to buy online in UK. The home cholesterol test kits has been kept simple with use as a first line screen for 2 people. For example the Visual cholesterol comes complete with very easy to follow instructions. A small pain free lancet device ( 2 provided) takes a finger prick of blood which is dabbed onto a test pad. the colour change result is compared to a scale with the result being available in minutes. The Visual cholesterol pack also comes with result interpretation advise allowing you to immediately determine if your cholesterol is normal.

Visual cholesterol also helps with advice on what to do if high levels are shown. The Visual cholesterol test is ideal for anyone  wanting a quick accurate home screen.  It has been kept simple and is intended as a first screen. More detailed tests will be required if elevated levels are found. It does not give the exact level of cholesterol in the sample or break down HDL and LDL elements of triglycerides, so is not suitable for people on treament wishing to monitor progress.

Home Cholesterol test kits and monitors can be purchased online in the UK from Valuemed medical supplies

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