Prostate test kits

Prostate disease and in particular prostate cancer and common male conditions in later life.Home test kits for detecting elevated levels of  PSA (prostate specific antigen) are available for self testing.

Levels of PSA above 4ng are considered significant. Home prostate test kits use a finger prick of blood to give a positive or negative result at this cut off. Home protate tests are limited to screening for elevation of PSA only. The technology does not give the exact level as part of the result, just if it is above or below the cut off.

PSA can be elevated in many forms of prostate disease and is not specific to prostate cancer. All elevated levels do warrant further clinical investigation.

Home prostate screening tests offer value first line screening for asymptomatic men over the age of 50

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Cholesterol tests at home

Raised cholesterol is still one of the major contributors to early onset coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke and premature death or disability in western middle aged men (and women). Healthy diet and exercise health advice is only making its mark in certain demographic elements of the population, with the general rates of the above diseases increasing still.

Simple self cholesterol screening to do at home is now available to buy online in UK. The home cholesterol test kits has been kept simple with use as a first line screen for 2 people. For example the Visual cholesterol comes complete with very easy to follow instructions. A small pain free lancet device ( 2 provided) takes a finger prick of blood which is dabbed onto a test pad. the colour change result is compared to a scale with the result being available in minutes. The Visual cholesterol pack also comes with result interpretation advise allowing you to immediately determine if your cholesterol is normal.

Visual cholesterol also helps with advice on what to do if high levels are shown. The Visual cholesterol test is ideal for anyone  wanting a quick accurate home screen.  It has been kept simple and is intended as a first screen. More detailed tests will be required if elevated levels are found. It does not give the exact level of cholesterol in the sample or break down HDL and LDL elements of triglycerides, so is not suitable for people on treament wishing to monitor progress.

Home Cholesterol test kits and monitors can be purchased online in the UK from Valuemed medical supplies

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Home tests for Chlamydia

A new home test kit screening for chlamydia has been launched in the UK. Branded Clamelle home chlamydia test, the new pack offers all the convenience of a home urine sample collection with highly accurate laboratory sample processing.

Clamelle uses urine samples to screen for chlamydia, so there is no need for difficult swabs, and the test is suitable for men and women.

The urine samples are posted to a UK lab in the containers and posting pack provided. The sender fills in a simple form with their details and the results are posted back, directly within 7 days.

The Clamelle chlamydia test packs offer private chlamydia screening for people worried that they may have exposed themselves to chlamydia. Chlamelle is not recommended for people with symptoms or discharge (who should always seek medical investigation and treatment)

Chamelle chlamydia screening is very accurate when compared to clinic screening and is available for under £20 per test

More details on the home test kits including Chlamydia  

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Home testing chlamydia project has doubled STI screening rates

Just read this interesting article about Chlamydia testing on The Nursing

The article was published on 21 January 2009

Here is an extract from the article below

A successful screening project that uses home testing for the sexually transmitted infection (STI) chlamydia is being used a model for other parts of the country.

The screening programme, run by the Park Centre for Sexual Health at Weymouth Community Hospital , has more than doubled its screen-rate over the last five months, beating both local and national averages.

The campaign, branded ‘Not for Virgins’, was launched across Dorset in May 2008, and was devised specifically to generate awareness of chlamydia among 16-25 year olds.

The Not for Virgins campaign includes kits that allow the patient to take a sample – a swab for females and a urine sample for males – in their own home, and post anonymously to lab, where molecular screening is carried out. Also as part of the Dorset campaign the team took a branded van on a four-day tour of the region, handing out kits and posters.

In 2007, prior the launch of Not for Virgins, 2.4% of Dorset’s 16-24 years olds were being screened for the infection. Now, with test rates at 5%, Dorset is ahead of the rest of the South West, where the average is 4.3%. The average in England is 3.8%.

Barry Alborough, matron at the Park Centre for Sexual Health and initial organiser of the campaign, said: ‘We’ve already made a huge improvement in just half a year by more than doubling the number of young people screened.

Home test kits including Chlamydia are available at Valuemed medical supplies

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Chlamydia-What is it & can I test for it at home ?

What is Chlamydia ?

Chlamydia is now one of the most common sexually-transmitted infections, affecting approximately one in ten young people in the UK. Although easily cured with antibiotics, chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility in women if left untreated. It can also cause complications in men and lead to epididymitis, urethritis and Reiters disease

Chlamydia is caused by the bacterium chlamydia trachomatis. Between 2004 and 2005, the number of confirmed cases of chlamydia in the UK rose by 5%, from 104,733 to 109,958.

Chlamydia is the single largest cause of sub fertility in Western Europe. Chlamydia is ofter carried without symptoms which is why screening at risk populations for Chlamydia is so important in helping to prevent the complications of Chlamydia

How do you catch Chlamydia ?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI), it is transmitted (passed on) from one person to another during intimate sexual contact. You can catch chlamydia through:

  • having unprotected vaginal sex,
  • having unprotected anal sex,
  • having unprotected oral sex, or
  • having genital contact with an infected partner.

Chlamydia can also be passed from a mother to her baby during childbirth. Although no obvious symptoms are immediately apparent, the infection will often develop two weeks after birth, and can result in complications such as pneumonia.

How is Chlamydia diagnosed ?

Chlamydia can be diagnosed in a women by a cervical swab peformed by a doctor or nurse in clinic or a GP surgery and in a man by an urethral swab performed by doctor.

It can also be diagnosed by a simple urine sample which can be performed at home. The urine samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Click here to view home test kits including chlamydia lab tests

How is Chlamydia treated ?

The good news is that Chlamydia is easily treated with a course of antibiotics which are prescribable by your GP or by a hospital or GU clinic. It is very important that to prevent re-infection both partners are treated.

Can I screen myself for Chlamydia ?

Yes, for the last couple of years services have been available to allow individuals to screen themselves for Chlamydia. As chlamydia sometimes has no symptoms in both men and women, screening at home allows early diagnosis & treatment

For more information on Chlamydia Visit NHS choices

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New ‘once a day pill for impotence’

Just read this interesting article in todays Telegraph. Here is an extract from article.

Rather than using a drug to stimulate a reaction when required, the new medication is taken regularly.

The manufacturers, Eli Lilly, claims that the new way of taking the drug removes the forward planning needed with other impotence pills, like Viagra.

It will be available on the NHS for certain conditions, although the bulk of sales of the drug are expected to be through private prescription.

The pill, Cialis, also called tadalafil, is already available in the more traditional form but have now been turned into an “everyday” version.

An estimated 2.3 million men in Britain are thought to suffer from the erectile problems, which can be caused by a variety of conditions.

Conditions for which patients might be eligible for the treatment on the NHS include diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, prostate cancer and polio.

Privately the drug will cost £54.99 a month, for 28 tablets.

Valuemed UK Medical Supplies

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